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Your email is directed to our servers where our state of the art technology removes viruses and spam. Clean email is immediately forwarded to your mail server. Our spam filters remove over 95% of spam with negligible risk of false positives and no mail delays. Our control panels allow you to review captured spam and fine tune your spam detection preferences for even higher removal rates. Click here for control panel demo.

Our email stream filtering solution works with Microsoft Exchange and all other mail servers. Our experts will help with the small change to your DNS record required for the conversion. No changes are required to your domain name, email addresses or email program configurations. No interruptions to your email during the conversion and you'll enjoy virus filtering and an immediate reduction in spam and internet bandwidth usage. Pays for itself immediately in internet bandwidth savings alone. Less than 35¢ per user per month ...

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Get rid of your mailserver and expensive IT consultants! Let our POP3 or IMAP mailservers provide you with a complete outsourced email package. Works with your domain name and email addresses. You get our world-class virus and spam filtering with user-configurable spam preferences, web email, server based mail folders (IMAP only) and a mailserver you can connect to from anywhere.

Our state-of-the-art control panels let you easily add/change email accounts, aliases/forwards, mailing lists, autoresponders, vacation messages, spam preferences and more. Our mailservers are fully compatible with Outlook, Outlook Express and all major email clients. Click here for control panel demo.

Plus, both POP3 and IMAP accounts get a full function web email program that can be accessed securely from any web browser anywhere in the world. Our IMAP web email provides folder access, address books, shared calendars, shared todo lists, and more. Perfect for traveling users and for new email users - no need to struggle with configuring an email program - just open your browser, click on the web email link, enter your email address and password and you're connected. Web email demos POP3 and IMAP.

Our experts will help with the small change to your domain's DNS record required for the conversion. And, our conversion support manual provides screen shots showing the entries required to configure all major email clients. Less than 50¢ per user per month ...

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Call us at 201-569-2592 or email sales@avspamfilter.com

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